Canada & USA

– See Wayne Bissky´s watercolor sketch above by clicking on Canada & USA, please! –

Canada & USA tour report of 2013:

My report of the 2013 tour.  Laugardalsaett_TourReport_2016_01_18_fin                        The photos belonging to the story are here There you can see ca. 400 photos in 6 sets, arranged in ascending time order.

Canada & USA planned 2017 tour:

The planned route on a roadmap  canadatour_2017_roadmap_zzz                                      The short version tour-plan, in Icelandic and English  Canada_2017_tour_plan_zzz        The tour-plan in Icelandic, with photos  canada_2017_description_oct_10_2016_zzz    Participants and their relations  Canada_Tour_Names_2017_06_07_zzz